H.L Gulati
Gardening is not only a pastime but it is an art.The art of growing plants on a piece of land.It gives a touch of color, the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers, mouth-watering and juicy fruits, variety of vegetables, and human lifeline called trees . Above all it adds to the beauty of general ambiance. In fact, gardening can be viewed even in wider aspect. We enjoy the beauty of nature in gardening. The utility of gardening and gardens is a useful part of our life and occasions such as religious gatherings, birth and marriage anniversaries and other social gatherings. Gardening is a source of producing fresh fruits and vegetables which are an essential source of healthy food required for human health. They also fill the air with fresh oxygen – another essential component needed for human survival. One also cannot deny the fact that modern day life is full of miseries. Man, desperately wants to steal some relaxing moments from its busy an stressful routine. Gardening provides all the ingredients to add to joyful relaxing moments in hectic schedules. Health-wise gardening as an exercise and a visit to the garden decreases stress, controls blood pressure, cholesterol, asthma, allergy level, depression and prevents the danger of stroke. We develop healthier and the stronger immune system and lower the risk of and promotes good health. It helps in maintaining weight and maintaining brain power. We develop healthier and the strong immune system. The act of gardening is confined to a physical activity. Though it requires manual labor from person pursuing this hobby. It is a mental activity also. It requires trimming, watering and giving treatment to the plants at regular interval to avoid eaten by insects. It needs a sharp mind to follow the schedule. It must be protected properly by means of providing fencing around the garden to prevent entry of birds and animals to avoid damages to the plant. For this purpose, it requires extra time and self-labor and separate Gardner to maintain the garden. One can spare lot of leisure time in maintaining garden well. It is much more than recreational activity. It will look good to the relative and friend visiting to the house to get fresh fragrance all around to enjoy the beauty of garden. Well maintained garden will increase value of the property as well.They are pleasing to eyes as they are natural beauty, they have an immediate effect on ones’ mood. It creates bridges of friendship and relationship among people pursuing same activity. They love to talk about gardening and share tips with each other. A walk-through garden is refreshing to the mind. It is a place where care and worries are forgotten. It improves health and reduces the risk of life-threatening disease it promotes problem-solving skills. The effect of gardening is good for environment as well. It provides much more than beauty to your yard. It reduces pollution. its a great form of exercise. Let us adopt Gardening as hobby to live a peaceful, joyous and stress free life and give refreshing environment to the society.

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