The importance of good health cannot be underestimated. ‘Health is wealth’ is an old and time tested statement. Being healthy means existence of a person in complete state of mental, physical and social well-being.
Adopting correct lifestyle is the master key to Good health. It plays an Important role in leading a disciplined lifestyle. It is the very base of living happy, long and youthful life.
A healthy mind in a healthy body can keep living relations with family members and friends intact and can lead a successful, respectful and affectionate relations with others. A healthy persons is always supportive to others at the time of needs.
Lots of problems occur because of wrong life style. Dietary habits must be changed with new approach. Good balanced nutritional protein diet. Iron, vitamins, fresh fruit’s, vegetable’s salad lean meat,poultry milk, coconut water whole grain food makes a balanced diet which play a key role in maintaining good health.
Having meals on time is as important as having healthy meal. Heaving meal at least couple of hours before sleep prevent obesity and other health problems and have a long way in building good health and staying healthy becomes a necessity. Avoid unhealthy food that is high in calories.
Early morning walk in open sky with moderate exercise routine plays a major role in maintaining healthy weight and reducing stress and stimulate the immune system to fight against many fold diseases and add meaning full years to life and delays the ageing process.
Moderation is the golden rule. Positivity dissolve negativity

H.L Gulati

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