Mental strength is as important as physical strength.

Strong brain is a product of disciplined healthy and balanced lifestyle. The person who is not mentally strong can never possess a strong body. Staying mentally active is crucial in preserving quality of life, ‘Brain is a muscle of conscious intelligence’ if it is not used it degenerates and lose brain functions and leads to poor memory. Mental strength of a human being can be judged up to some extent by his style of responding to different situations. It depends on an individual how he takes things and look at different situations in life. There are two type of person. One is capable to face the life crises bravely and is cheerful while other is full of fear, anxiety and uncomfortable, complaining all the time without changing lifestyle. He cannot succeed in life. Although enough modern amenities are available but, the mind of people generally remain upset. They sleep in tension and awake in tension. Mentally strong person derives the best out of worst situation to solve the problems effectively with open mind. To be mentally strong proper and adequate amount of nutrition needs for dietary assistance. Adequate sleep proper diet and regular activity keeps one away from a sedentary lifestyle. The studies have suggested the following measures: -Embrace the ideal healthy brisk walking aerobic exercise in the morning in fresh air. -A workout routine at moderately comfortable pace increase the demand for oxygen when the brain is just at peak activity. It provides better nourishment is a wonder drug to strengthen the mental performance. It not only adds years to life but also life to years. It displays sharper memory skills, greater problem-solving ability, higher concentration and stimulate mental acuity. Give your brain a mental workout such as puzzles, hobbies, academic abilities, reading and much more to be mentally strong it stimulates the brain and improve capacity to master new things this also prevents a person from becoming burden on the family. According to Pablo Casslas “The man who works is not bored is never old”

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