Ways to stay Healthy

So many things have been said and written about health. It is an old saying that health is wealth. Some quotations tells us that health is an investment not an expense. Publilius Syrus has made us believe that Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings. So everybody is keen to protect his or her health defense system intact throughout the life. Learning from different sources and needs, people develop a healthy code of their own. But there are certain set rules for living a happy and healthy life. Eating wisely is of paramount importance to stay healthy. Acharya Charka said “nourishment, strength, intellect and longevity are conditioned by diet and conducive to internal power of digestion because person is what he eats.” Modern health science has classified following major heads as ways to stay healthy. Food and Vegetables Intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals are rich source of vitamins, proteins, minerals and iron are natural constituent to stay healthy. They contain sufficient amount of fiber and are great source of nutritional value low in calories to lose weight. Regular well-balanced diet increases the level of health activity and balancing energy system within the body forms of foundation to stay healthy. Even the supreme court judge Mr. B.N Krishna said ‘that fresh vegetable are good food and fat free, but also rich in fiber which is good and recommend ways to stay healthy. Regular use prevent health hazard. Drink plenty of fluid, coconut water or lemon in water without adding sugar and salt in place of cold drink is useful to stay healthy. Drink green tea and restrict intake of processed black tea contain more caffeine then tea and coffee avoid excess of sugar and fast food to prevent weight gain. Exercise – how much is too much ? Exercise has been described as an important part of ones daily routine to stay healthy. Recent study has shown that physical activity has very positive influence to stay healthy. It is wise to have a daily dose of 40 minutes of brisk walk at moderate intensity is a queen exercise and equal to aerobics. Yoga, meditation deep breathing and stretching protocol is key to component and should be embraced as a way of life to stay healthy. Go to gym or golf club if you are status conscious. Sound sleep Sound sleep is the most important and vital function of human body system controlled by biological clock- sleep and wake up cycle. A minimum sleep of six to seven hours is essential to stay healthy. Take light dinner and keep a gap of two hours between meal and sleep. Sleep is best obtained in a single continues block. Sleep deprivation can be potentially hazardous. Go to bed when it is time to sleep. Sleep is the best meditation increases longevity and quality of life it works wonder to induce good night sleep to stay healthy. Human body is a complex machine created by nature and requires rest. According to bible GOD created the world in 6 days and rested on the seventh day- called the sabbath day. Be positive Think positively and constructively it keeps young and cheerful. A smile is easily communicated and it’s the way to stay healthy Recreation Find time for recreation to enjoy family life and friends. Friendship is a relation of complete trust. Sports and hobbies Sports, gardening, biking and other hobbies are good to stay healthy it will make you feel better. Smoking is injuries to health. Do not smoke if you want to stay healthy and attractive its regular use shortens life span. Alcohol It is not smart to drink. Excessive drinking is harmful. Stay healthy Stay happy and live longer

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